9/25/16 “Stop Playing Church” AM Sermon

9/25/16 OT Trinity proof (Part 2; Josh Thames’ SS)

9/18/16 “Christianity is Not a Spectator Sport” AM Sermon

9/18/16 OT Trinity proof (Josh Thames’ SS)

9/11/16 “Everyone Loves a Mystery” AM Sermon

9/11/16 Genesis (Josh Thames’ SS)

9/4/16 “Are You Relationally Challenged?” AM Sermon

9/4/16 Genesis (Josh Thames SS)

8/28/16 Anniversary Sunday

8/21/16 End Times PM Bible Study

8/21/16 “Zombies Are REAL!” AM Sermon

8/21/16 God’s “Chosen People” (Josh Thames SS)

8/14/16 End Times Bible Study PM

8/17/16 “Open Our Eyes” AM Sermon

8/14/16 “Gog/Magog” (Josh Thames SS)

8/7/16 End Times Bible Study (PM Service)

8/7/16 Visiting missionary Jonathan Mathews AM Sermon

8/7/16 Missionary Jonathan Mathews Sao Paulo update Q&A (SS hour)

7/31/16 “Taking Possession of Our Wealthy Position” AM Sermon

7/24/16 End Times PM Bible Study

7/24/16 “Are You Quick to Worship?” AM Sermon

7/24/16 (Josh Thames SS) Gog/Magog & Believer’s role in the Millennium

7/17/16 End Times Bible Study (PM)

7/17/16 “Being People with a God-Shaped World View” AM Sermon

7/17/16 Genesis: Understanding God’s “Dynastic” families (Josh Thames SS)

7/10/16 “End Times Bible Study” PM

7/10/16 “Steak & Potatoes, or Bologna & Cheese Puffs?” AM Sermon

7/10/16 “Does Salvation = Predestination?” (Josh Thames SS)

7/3/16 “Terrorism is Not the Problem” AM Sermon

7/3/16 1st Vs. 2nd Resurrections (Josh Thames’ SS)