3/26/17 Changing the World One Heart at a Time (Scott Russell)

3/19/17 There’s Always Hope #6: You Can Make a Difference

3/12/17 There’s Always Hope #5: Open the Door…

3/12/17 Resurrection (Josh Thames’ SS)

3/5/17 There’s Always Hope #4: Filling the Emptiness

2/26/17 There’s Always Hope Series #3: Is God in the Details?

2/19/17 There’s Always Hope Series #2: Is it 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

2/12/17 There’s Always Hope Series #1 “What was I thinking?”

2/5/17 Passionately Pursuing God #6 “That’s Music to My Ears”

2/5/17 “Apostacy” (Josh Thames’ SS)


1/29/17 Passionately Pursuing God #5: Are You Giving to God, or Merely Tipping?

1/22/17 Passionately Pursuing God #4 “I Wish You Were Here, God!”

1/22/17 “Sanctuary” (Josh Thames’ SS)

1/8/17 Passionately Pursuing God #2 “Worship is not a Spectator Sport”

1/1/17 Passionately Pursuing God #1 “Worship is Our Highest Priority”

12/4/16 “God of the Impossible #2: God Uses the Small Things” AM Sermon

11/27/16 “God of the Impossible #1: God Provides Impossible Courage” AM Sermon

11/20/16 “Stepping Up Our Thankfulness” AM Sermon

11/13/16 “Fighting off Spiritual Defection” AM Sermon

11/13/16 Comparing religions at the time of the Exodus (Josh Thames’ SS)

11/6/16 “Walking With Precision in Days of Divisiveness” AM Sermon

11/6/16 Exodus & Judgement (Josh Thames’ SS)

10/30/16 “Staying on top of the Slippery Slope” AM Sermon

10/23/16 “Are You a Sleepwalker?” AM Sermon

10/16/16 “Is What You Have Worth Having?” AM Sermon

10/16/16 OT Trinity Evidence (Josh Thames’ SS)

10/9/16 “Sufficient Grace” AM Sermon

10/9/16 “OT proof of the Trinity” (Josh Thames’ SS)

10/2/16 “Getting Out of the Rut” AM Sermon

10/2/16 OT Trinity discussion (Josh Thames’ SS)