Category: Sunday School Audio

3/12/17 Resurrection (Josh Thames’ SS)

2/5/17 “Apostacy” (Josh Thames’ SS)


1/22/17 “Sanctuary” (Josh Thames’ SS)

11/13/16 Comparing religions at the time of the Exodus (Josh Thames’ SS)

11/6/16 Exodus & Judgement (Josh Thames’ SS)

10/16/16 OT Trinity Evidence (Josh Thames’ SS)

10/9/16 “OT proof of the Trinity” (Josh Thames’ SS)

10/2/16 OT Trinity discussion (Josh Thames’ SS)

9/25/16 OT Trinity proof (Part 2; Josh Thames’ SS)

9/18/16 OT Trinity proof (Josh Thames’ SS)

9/11/16 Genesis (Josh Thames’ SS)

9/4/16 Genesis (Josh Thames SS)

8/21/16 God’s “Chosen People” (Josh Thames SS)

8/14/16 “Gog/Magog” (Josh Thames SS)

8/7/16 Missionary Jonathan Mathews Sao Paulo update Q&A (SS hour)

7/24/16 (Josh Thames SS) Gog/Magog & Believer’s role in the Millennium

7/17/16 Genesis: Understanding God’s “Dynastic” families (Josh Thames SS)

7/10/16 “Does Salvation = Predestination?” (Josh Thames SS)

7/3/16 1st Vs. 2nd Resurrections (Josh Thames’ SS)

6/26/16 “Why Study Prophesy?” (Aaron Kaukonen SS)

6/12/16 “The Biblical Timeline” (Josh Thames’ Adult SS)

5/29/16 Adult SS (Sam Littlepage)

5/22/16 Genesis: Ark discussion (Josh Thames’ SS)

5/8/16 Josh Thames’ SS

5/1/16 Genesis: Sons of Seth/Cain discussion (Josh Thames SS)

4/24/16 Genesis: Sons of Seth/Cain discussion (Josh Thames SS)

4/10/16 Using a Bible Concordance (Josh Thames SS)

4/3/16 Genesis: Repentance (Josh Thames SS)

3/27/16 Adult SS – Sam Littlepage

3/20/16 Genesis: Fallen Angels=Demons? (Josh Thames SS)