Maranatha Bible Church is a missions minded church; whether it be local missions or abroad, we believe that the mission begins just outside the doors.

Our Missions giving is funded through Faith Promise Giving.


What is Faith Promise Giving?

Faith Promise is a way of giving to world evangelism.  Believers ask God how much they should give to missions over the next year and have faith that God will provide. At Maranatha each person that chooses to participate, fills out a pledge card stating how much they will give towards missions on a weekly or monthly basis for the next year.

What is the difference between Tithing and Faith Promise?

Tithing is a clearly stated mandate from God.  Tithing is what runs the local church and its ministries.  Tithing is recognizing God’s ownership over me and all that I have.  Faith Promise is above and beyond your tithing and is used to reach the world for Christ through missions.  Faith Promise should not be deducted from your tithe or take the place of it.

If I commit to a certain amount, is it a pledge that is binding?

This is a promise to God, not a pledge to the church.  Your Faith Promise amount is between you and God and should not be taken lightly.  No one from the church will notify you or keep track of your progress towards your commitment.

What is the advantage of Faith Promise Giving?

It allows us to reach out to the unreached on a regular basis.  When you give to missions, you become a part of their work.

When can I make a Faith Promise Pledge?

Here at Maranatha, we take pledges at the beginning of the year but you can start your Faith Promise giving anytime!